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Everybody’s talking about #data and its importance, but when it comes to handling our data, we leave it to others - we dont have to!
join us for a meetup on #IoT infrastructures, #theThingsNetwork (@thethingsntwrk ) & more! Sept6 at the #techfestivalcph
The People’s Internet of Things

Techfestival: Techfestival 2018 | Meetup | The People’s Internet of Things (Laura Juncker-Jensen)

Comment les montres connectées vous espionnent

L'entreprise de cybersécurité Kaspersky s’est attelée à vérifier la sécurité des montres connectées. En récupérant certaines données, leurs équipes ont réussi à trouver jusqu’à 96 % des mots de passe d’ordinateur de leurs cibles.

#iot #montreconnecte #infosec #cybersecurite


The Things Network Aarhus meetup 2

Invitation to a The Things Network event in Denmark: #ttn #iot
#ttn #iot


New LoRa TTN gateway in Copenhagen

I have added a new LoRa gateway to The Things Network in Copenhagen.
Let's hope people will put it to good use :-)
#ttn #iot
#ttn #iot


Video-surveillance at home

Following some burglary in our neighbourhood, I am installing some video-surveillance. I would rather not have my videos uploaded to a (foreign) cloud service, pay a monthly license fee, or lose the service when (not if) the cloud service stops. #domotics

I have settled for a (discount) D-Link DCS-2210L, and I am glad for my choice so far. It is a discontinued model, but that does not matter much for me: it is not directly exposed to the Internet, and can still be bought. #iot
Yes, I know :-P

It has a wide-angle Full-HD camera (covers one large room without problem), MPEG4, night vision, PIR (infrared) motion sensor, 2-way audio, Ethernet (I do not like Wi-Fi for stationary installations), and IPv6. #ipv6

It can be used standalone, with many options to view videos live, upload videos by e.g. FTP, send video-clips by e-mail when motion has been detected, mask areas of the video, etc.

There is also the option to use the D-Link cloud system "mydlink" and their mobile app. That is not for me, but good for someone who wants to be self-hosted, but who is not ready yet.

I use it coupled with my Synology Surveillance Station, which stores videos continuously locally in low quality, and in high quality when events are detected, as well as sending notification alerts with photos, also accessible from a mobile app. There are good options to sync/upload with a distant server, in case the NAS is stolen :-P


Next step is a second camera for outside.
To be continued...

Hello #Mastodon ! Je pars au Canada cet été (Vive les #PVT !) et je quitte mon job en France. On cherche quelqu'un pour me remplacer et je fais appel à vous !
Je travaille dans un #Fablab à 30 minutes du sud de #Nantes, ça s'appelle #zBis, et on cherche un #maker qui s'y connaît en #Arduino, #iot, #RaspberryPi, #devEnToutGenre !
Au programme : #Prototypage, #ateliers, #facilitation !
L'équipe est sympa, le taf passionnant, les contrats adaptables :)
Re-pouet apprécié ! Merci !