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I appreciate your work, but I agree that you are scared by something that isn't going to affect your work.
Let's assume that one days #JavaScript and #WASM execution becomes opt-in in #Web #browsers, your application is not a web browser, so nothing would change.

This is not #FUD, but a real attack from the #Russian gov (mostly) to their citizens:

#JS enabled this #surveillance, and if it was #Google doing the same we would have never known it.

Wow, Microsoft killing Edge to create a new browser based on chromium. Worst news of the year.
A browser monopoly is the worst thing which could happen to the web, as no companies will bother testing the browsers with almost no market share. This means the web will not follow the W3C standards anymore, but chromium implementations. The web will be a Google product.

What's the only thing we can do about it? Use Firefox to give it a marketshare as big as possible!

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