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It’s coded in C++
So it could be build to #WebAssembly and run in the browser.
Is there any intention to do it in #wasm ?

I appreciate your work, but I agree that you are scared by something that isn't going to affect your work.
Let's assume that one days #JavaScript and #WASM execution becomes opt-in in #Web #browsers, your application is not a web browser, so nothing would change.

This is not #FUD, but a real attack from the #Russian gov (mostly) to their citizens:

#JS enabled this #surveillance, and if it was #Google doing the same we would have never known it.


I saw it.
And I'm in no way ignoring "the world's preminent delivery platform": it's so broken that the Russian Government is using it to deliver worldwide (but mainly in country) the undetectable attacks I talked about extensively with #Mozilla:

And it's naive to think they are alone.

No, really: I work with JS on a daily basis and even just technically in itself, it's broken beyond repair. Not even through #WASM.