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Pepper & Carrot en papier

@davidrevoy En attendant peut-être un jour une édition papier de notre traduction danoise de #peppercarrot , nous avons déjà acheté les deux premiers tomes en français :-)

@alkarex Merci! 👍


Firefox Quantum

Very impressed by the speed of #Firefox 57 (Quantum), especially in the UI :-)
I was quite annoyed of seeing most of my extensions not supported, but I found replacements for a good share of them. Here are some remaining ones (suggestions welcome for alternatives):
* ChatZilla (not yet possible with WebExtension)
* DownThemAll (a Lite version is coming soon for WebExtension)
* SSLeuth (not yet possible with WebExtension)
* Link Widgets


tt-rss to FreshRSS

I am always happy to see users leaving tt-rss for #freshrss for ideological reasons (e.g. fleeing insults), but I hope they will stay both for ideological reasons as well as technical ones :-)

Je n'avais pas conscience des problème d’insulte sur tt-rrs. Je suis surtout venu à FreshRSS pour la vitesse, les qualités techniques donc :)


Video-surveillance at home

Following some burglary in our neighbourhood, I am installing some video-surveillance. I would rather not have my videos uploaded to a (foreign) cloud service, pay a monthly license fee, or lose the service when (not if) the cloud service stops. #domotics

I have settled for a (discount) D-Link DCS-2210L, and I am glad for my choice so far. It is a discontinued model, but that does not matter much for me: it is not directly exposed to the Internet, and can still be bought. #iot
Yes, I know :-P

It has a wide-angle Full-HD camera (covers one large room without problem), MPEG4, night vision, PIR (infrared) motion sensor, 2-way audio, Ethernet (I do not like Wi-Fi for stationary installations), and IPv6. #ipv6

It can be used standalone, with many options to view videos live, upload videos by e.g. FTP, send video-clips by e-mail when motion has been detected, mask areas of the video, etc.

There is also the option to use the D-Link cloud system "mydlink" and their mobile app. That is not for me, but good for someone who wants to be self-hosted, but who is not ready yet.

I use it coupled with my Synology Surveillance Station, which stores videos continuously locally in low quality, and in high quality when events are detected, as well as sending notification alerts with photos, also accessible from a mobile app. There are good options to sync/upload with a distant server, in case the NAS is stolen :-P


Next step is a second camera for outside.
To be continued...


Episode 12-16 of Pepper & Carrot in Danish

My daughter (9 years old) has continued her translation work and episodes 12-16 of #peppercarrot are now available in Danish :-)


Friendica to Mastodon

My Friendica instance is finally working with Mastodon in both directions :-)
One must disable HTTP/2 due to a bug in Mastodon / Ruby


Flat UI designs are slow

A study, which makes me happy (I do not like flat design) :-)

Flat UI Elements Attract Less Attention and Cause Uncertainty
A "flat" design removes the distinction between navigation controls and content. Historically, navigation controls such as buttons were shaded, or given 3D relief, to distinguish them from the application or web page's content.
Flat interfaces often use weak signifiers. In an eyetracking experiment comparing different kinds of clickability clues, UIs with weak signifiers required more user effort than strong ones.


Pepper & Carrot (MOTION COMIC) Episode 6: The Potion Contest

(With Danish subtitles courtesy of our little family :-) )

Félicitation à l’équipe Morevna pour avoir achevé leur dérivation en “BD Animé” (Motion Comic) de l’épisode 6 de Pepper&Carrot “Le Concours de Potion”. En tant qu’auteur, ça fait sacrément drôle d’entendre parler et gesticulé mes personnages. J’adore la voie de anglaise de Saffron et Shichimi! Le projet a été fait entièrement avec des outils libres et est distribué en CC-By-Sa.

Le lien Youtube:

Bonne séance!
(edit: essaie d'un nouveau lien Youtube)
#blender #animation #krita #film #comic #bd


Amusing maths test

Amusing maths test, and not with fake numbers like on Facebook (X% will fail blabla) :-)

Ha, solved it, fun indeed, and I understand how so many people can be stumped.


Pepper & Carrot Animated - Danish

Just got a pull request merged for Danish subtitles of the #peppercarrot animation project
Pepper & Carrot: Subtitles are available for translation
@David Revoy


Episodes 8-11 of Pepper & Carrot in Danish

Family work, lead by my 8-year old daughter: episodes 8-11 of #peppercarrot are available in Danish :-) @davidrevoy


Episodes 1-7 of Pepper & Carrot in Danish

Family work: episodes 1-7 of #peppercarrot are available in Danish. My 8-year old daughter is taking a leading role :-) @davidrevoy


Pepper&Carrot på dansk

Vores første oversættelse på dansk af en episode (4) af denne gode opensource tegneserie #peppercarrot :-) Snart laver vi en dansk opdatering af episoderne 1-3, og så vil vi se på de andre... @davidrevoy


Friendica on Ubuntu

I have just made a couple of pull requests to make Friendica work on Ubuntu (which has MySQL 5.7+)


Friendica test Diaspora, Mastodon, GNU Social

Testing decentralised social networks from my Friendica instance, and following from various Diaspora, Mastodon, and GNU Social servers. Seems to work :-)

To install Friendica on Ubuntu 16.10 with MySQL 5.7.17, I had to patch Friendica a bit:

grep -l '= "0000-00-00"' -r . | xargs sed -i -e "s/= \"0000-00-00\"/= '0000-00-00'/g"
grep -l "0000-00-00" -r . | xargs sed -i -e "s/0000-00-00/0001-01-01/g"
grep -l "!= '0001-01-01'" -r . | xargs sed -i -e "s/!= '0001-01-01'/> '0001-01-01'/g"
grep -l "== '0001-01-01'" -r . | xargs sed -i -e "s/ ===? '0001-01-01'/ <= '0001-01-01'/g"
grep -l "strpos(\$dob, '0000-') === 0" -r . | xargs sed -i -e "s/strpos(\$dob, '0000-') === 0/strpos(\$dob, '0000-') === 0 || strpos(\$dob, '0001-') === 0/g"
grep -l "\$dob = '0000-'" -r . | xargs sed -i -e "s/\$dob = '0000-'/\$dob = '0001-'/g"