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FreshRSS 1.11.1

FreshRSS 1.11.1 has just been released!

It is a quick release to fix a regression introduced in 1.11.0, as well as various other bugs. But in addition, this version does come with a few noteworthy goodies :-)

Notable changes:
* Better support of media: tags such as thumbnails and descriptions (e.g. for YouTube)
* Built-in extension to fix Tumblr feeds from European Union due to #gdpr
* Fix regression in fetching full articles content
* Fix several bugs in the new Fever API
* Etc. See the release notes for details:

As usual, it is already available for git and Docker update methods, and will soon be available by auto-zip-update when @marien has pushed the changes to the update server :-)

Thanks again to all the #freshrss contributors 👍🏻 (6 in this mini release)