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"Update system

ⓘ Your current version of FreshRSS is 1.13.0.

Last verification: January 27th 2019 at 11:43

Blast! No update to apply "

Yes, this is normal if you use the ZIP-based auto-update system, which currently requires waiting for @Marien to manually update a server. The auto-update mechanism needs to be revisited Meanwhile, git-based updates are more reliable.

So it is only the data directory, this is what I wanted to know. Thank you!

If I only copy the data directory, I am faced with the install "screen".

You can then either go through the install progress and ask to keep the current install, or manually delete the file data/do-install.txt


This means, I will be able to support with testing new releases.

Thank you!!

@alkarex Many thanks. Since the upgrade all my favicons are lost (I only see a little planet), what could cause that, and how might I solve it? Clearing some cache or something?

Vérifier les droits en écriture du serveur Web dans ./data/favicons/ (attention de bien utiliser le même utilisateur pour le cron). Pour forcer un re-téléchargement des fichiers originaux, supprimer ./data/favicons/*.ico (mais laisser les *.txt et éventuellement vérifier que le contenu contient bien une adresse valide).