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Wow, Microsoft killing Edge to create a new browser based on chromium. Worst news of the year.
A browser monopoly is the worst thing which could happen to the web, as no companies will bother testing the browsers with almost no market share. This means the web will not follow the W3C standards anymore, but chromium implementations. The web will be a Google product.

What's the only thing we can do about it? Use Firefox to give it a marketshare as big as possible!

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Don't be a blind sheeple. Its how they manipulate with us, play the old good game "bad cop and good cop" and you always buy it, silly. Firefox is not an innocent as they want you to think.

That's Firefox usage statistics, not data for website you visit, so I don't see why private browsing should not be part of it.

you are sheeple! Baaaaaaa!
ps: M$ did said same sht not long ago with IE, no one remember it any more, short memory? obviously yes.

no need to run tcpdump, the source code is out there.

but how you know the binary you downloading and installing is build with same source code? ;)

and another question - did you checked tyhe source code your self? or you know anyone who did it? ;)
ps: they updating this code instantly non stop.

no need to run tcpdump
answer of ignorant. but if you will try it you can see the truth. i'm done here, thank you! :)